Storage – Part II

Logical Structures How, where, when you need to think in data storage? Well, this is the first step after you modeling your database and most companies do not think about it, I have saw companies with a large data into one disk or small data separated in the wrong way, but what is the best to do? We have … Continue reading Storage – Part II

Execution Plan

Why I started my blog with some posts about query optimizer, execution plans and logical processing? Well, before you learn about codes and more codes we need to know how this works in SQL Server. For example, the developer know how to write a single select, insert or update statement or  a batch with conditions clauses like IF, … Continue reading Execution Plan

Structured Query Language

By a “set” we mean any collection M into a whole of definite, distinct objects m (which are called the “elements” of M) of our perception or of our thought. —George Cantor, in “Georg Cantor” by Joseph W. Dauben (Princeton University Press, 1990) Standard SQL is based on the relational model, which is a mathematical … Continue reading Structured Query Language