SQL Server Undocumented 2

One more undocumented function/commands. The fn_dump_dblog function is used to read transaction logs from a log backup file. This is an example fo the undocumented function to read transaction logs: SELECT [Current LSN], [Operation], [Transaction Name], [Transaction ID], SUSER_SNAME ([Transaction SID]) AS DBUser FROM fn_dump_dblog (             NULL, NULL, N'DISK', 1, N'C:\temp\Backup_Logfile.trn',             DEFAULT, DEFAULT, … Continue reading SQL Server Undocumented 2

SQL Server Undocumented 1

SQL Server has many undocumented functions and commands. I will write series of posts with functions to have a library online. The first, I'd like to write about %%PhysLoc%% and the function fn_PhyslocCracker With this function, I can see my table physical location and use DBCC PAGE to see the data in each page. SELECT * FROM … Continue reading SQL Server Undocumented 1